Working hours

1000 - 2200

ArinSkin Cosmetics

ArinSkin Cosmetics

About ArinSkin Cosmetics

ArinSkin Cosmetics has been established on 2018. Activity:

-          Skin care, hear treatment

-           Consulting

Who we are

To provide high quality service we pay great attention to our employees. Our team excepts are highly qualified professionals, including PhD of chemical sciences, master's degree in pharmacy, cosmetics and problem skin specialists.

We are specialized in field of

-            Skin care including but not limiting face, eyes, foots, hand care, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments,

-             Hair treatment including anti hair loss treatments, hair growth promoters, etc.

Origin of products:

The safety and health of consumers are main concern for us. In this end we selected Korean cosmetics which has very high quality and same time relatively affordable.

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